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About Us

Why Should you choose Pristine Marine Boat Products?

Great question!.....

……..Even better answer!

Our professional boat detailing products were designed by the Pros!

As the end user we, like so many of you, have stood in the isle of the local marine supply store staring at the never ending selection of Sealants, Boat Wax, Boat Cleaner, Marine Compound, Boat Compound, Boat Soap, Marine Polish and the list goes on and on.

What’s good? What’s Bad? This says it does this! This says it does that! How do you even begin to choose boat cleaning products or know what is really right for you or your boat!!

The selection is in many cases is overwhelming and the whole “trial and error” method can put a serious pinch on the budget. Lets just say we have been there! Done that! And tried just about every boat cleaning products and at the end…… YEP!, we still found ourselves looking for the something that was just not there.

It was at this point we set forth to develop a line of boat detailing products that truly represent the marine industry. Focusing on the demand of our crews and clients, we created a full line of our own boat soap, marine compound, boat compound, boat sealant,(not boat wax) and boat protectant that has helped produce an even higher quality and made our clients even happier!

Pristine Marine boat detailing products offer a full line of “Professional boat detailing Products” available to consumer market. Whether you are just developing your boat maintenance skills or consider yourself an expert, our products are sure to please and outperform.

So…….we ask why stand in that isle gazing upon the Maybe’s, Hopefully’s, and I wonder’s, and follow the Pros to make your decision with confidence. Let Pristine Marine boat detailing products, boat compound products, marine polish and boat cleaning products help keep your prize investment PRISTINE!!!